We developed a rebranding concept for Football Federation of Kyrgyz Republic. We decided that we want to see it bright and bold so it could catch the young people's eyes.

As a basis we took the picture of a golden eagle which traditionally used as an element of Kyrgyz culture. We decided that this bird would fit perfectly well into the draft. The golden eagle is the biggest one in the hawk family. It is brave and strong, it doesn't hesitate - it acts. So only strong and confident can compete with it. That's the spirit of a team which yearn for the victory. Pure, fair and graceful game from FFKR.

We created a self-contained, solid brand identity. We conveyed it trough the power of pure red color, symbolics and corporate style.

Watch project on Behance

Photos by Dana Lewin and Tom Roberts

Featered on Mindsparkle Mag.

Shortlist on Festival Sreda 2018

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